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Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition is the best "CHESS PROGRAM" it has a lot of features like playing chess with different strength and different personalites, my favorite feature about this fantastic software is it can deeply analyze your chessgames, chessmaster grandmaster edition will show blunders, better moves missed mate and a lot more and had everything you need to improve your chess strength, you can also practice all kinds of opening and all of its variation, with Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition i am assuring you in a short period of time your chess strenth will improve a lot, one thing i loved about Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition in academy section your in chess attacking course is the great Grandmaster Larry Christiansen. International Master Josh Waitzkin will show you some of his annotated games, i learn a lot from International Master Josh Waitzkin from the three faces of the game, which is opening game, middle game, and ending. Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition comes out with a new book The Art of Learning you will learn a lot from this book showing best chess games annotated by International Master Josh Waitzkin
Product Description
Chessmaster®: Grandmaster Edition expands the scope of chess to include broader principles of learning. Josh Waitzkin's much-anticipated book The Art of Learning (Free Press) is designed to pave the road to successful long-term growth on and off the chessboard. The eight-time National Chess Champion and two-time martial arts World Champion puts users in his shoes in some of the most riveting and formative moments of his chess career, including the legendary climactic game from the book and film Searching for Bobby Fischer. Waitzkin then turns to the classics, introducing beginners to brilliant games from some of the most important players in the history of chess. In his most revealing commentary ever, Waitzkin not only teaches the beginning chess player the fundamentals of the game, but also humanizes the road to mastery. Never has chess been so exciting.

Key Features
  • Extensive course on the basics of chess taught by International Chess Master Josh Waitzkin.
  • Tutorials from Josh Waitzkin's groundbreaking book The Art of Learning.
  • Attacking Chess course commentary by Grandmaster Larry Christiansen.
  • Famous Games: 900 of chess's most important games presented and analyzed.
  • 600,000 game database.
  • Coverage of all classic and modern opening variations.
  • Training mode: Play one of many predefined opponents and analyze your game.
  • Ranked Play: Test your skills against a variety of opponents and establish your rating.
  • Play one of 50 predefined tournaments or create your own.
  • Set up a position to solve chess problems or reproduce famous positions.
  • Play with a friend via Internet or LAN connection.
  • Play rated and unrated games, tournaments, ladders, simultaneous exhibitions, watch other matches, set up/take chess lessons via LAN or Internet.
  • Play one of 12 new chess variants including Limited Shuffle, Shuffle, Giveaway, Marseilles, Progressive, and Pocket Knight.
  • Play correspondence chess.

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